16th district


What is meant by the Right Bank?

These are all the districts situated to the right of the Seine (starting from the source of this river). These are mainly residential districts (especially for the 16th and 17th), a few more offices in the 8th, which accommodate families. The living environment is pleasant, wide avenues, beautiful Haussmann buildings (with surfaces allowing a family life with children), there are many parks (Monceau, Trocadero gardens, Elysées gardens, Ranelagh gardens) and a large wood: the wood of Boulogne, which allows everyone to take the air (athletes, children, joggers, parents).
In addition, these neighborhoods offer a wide range of private and public schools, ranging from kindergarten to elementary school to college and then to the Lycée.
And finally, public transport is numerous: metro (Line 1,2,3,6,9,10,13 ..), bus, RER C.

In short, these districts are mainly composed of families.