Real Estate Buyer’s Guide to Paris

Real Estate Buyer’s Guide to Paris

To Buy in Paris

It is a decision that ripens because buying an apartment does not happen on a whim. Paris is the capital of France and will be a city always attractive in terms of investment and its prices fluctuate but remain rather high compared to other French cities.

Demand is generally always higher than supply, hence still relatively high prices, especially in its neighborhoods valued by foreigners as well as French: the center of Paris and the left bank.

Before throwing yourself into the water, it is necessary to make a specific point on:

  • The budget available (main contribution, loan to plan, work to be budgeted, notary fees …)
  • The choice of the neighborhood if fit with the budget
  • The surface and the number of rooms and any other criterion very important for you (floor, view, common parts, transports, schools, shops …)

This information is a good basis for reflection that will allow you to chase a corresponding property. Obviously a real estate agent is there to help you with your search and selection. Prepare your visit, your questions and list important points for you. You have to see several apartments to get a good idea of the market. If you have the heart, make an offer that seems realistic. The real estate agent will be there to help you. If your offer is accepted, you must go to your notary to sign a promise. Today generally a period of 3 months is necessary to be owner and start your work.

Buying in Paris is a great idea. Call us on 01 45 63 17 77.

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